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Lobacheva G.K. Innovative Methods of Synthesis of New Polymeric Materials and Their Forensic Examination Written by Администратор
Korablev G.A., Lipanov A.M., Kodolov V.I., Zaikov G.E. The Equilibrium Exchange of Spatial-Energy Interactions Written by Администратор
Kokodeev A.V., Ovchinnikov I.G. The Use of Innovative Technologies for Underwater Inspection of Transportion Constructions Written by Администратор
Gusakov S.V., Afanasyeva I.V, Mokhsen A., Markov V.A. Fuel Efficiency of an Automobile Power Installation with Electromechanical Transmission Written by Администратор
Wawrzyńczak A., Maciejewski H., Fiedorow R. Hydrosilylation on Hydrophobic Material Supported Platinum Catalysts Written by Администратор
Usmanova R.R., Zaikov G.E. Neutralization of Gas Emissions in the Production of Polystyrene Plastics Written by Администратор
Salimov Z.S., Ismailov O.Yu., Saydahmedov Sh.M., Zaikov G.E.Influence of Hydrodynamic Regimes of Oil and Gas Mixtures on the Efficiency of Heat Exchange Written by Администратор
Mikitaev M.A., Kozlov G.V., Mikitaev A.K., Schiraldi D.A., Zaikov G.E. The Dependence of Melt Viscosity of Polymer Nanocomposites on Type of Carbon Nanotubes Fractal Structures Written by Администратор
Mikitaev M.A., Kozlov G.V., Pearce E.M., Zaikov G.E., Mikitaev A.K. The Influence of Molecular Structure on the Properties of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)/Poly(Butylene Terepherephthalate) Blends Written by Администратор
Mikitaev M.A., Kozlov G.V.,Howell B.A., Zaikov G.E., Mikitaev A.K. The Deformability of Polycarbonate/Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Blends Written by Администратор