Makedonskiy S.A., Nikishova A.V. Study of Approaches to Multi-Agent Modeling of Information Protection Systems


Sergey Aleksandrovich Makedonskiy

Candidate of Technical Sciences,

Chief Specialist for Information Security of Security Service,

Volgograd Branch of AB Rossiya JSC

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Kalinina St., 13, 400001 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Arina Valeryevna Nikishova

Candidate of Technical Sciences,

Associate Professor, Department of Information Security,

Volgograd State University

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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. In connection with the development of information technologies, information protection means are under control of a plurality of components of the protected system. However, existing systems can not fully ensure the control due to the fact that they have a centralized structure, are characterized by poor adaptive capacity, passive mechanisms to detect attacks, a significant degradation of traffic of targeted information flows due to the large amount of resources allocated to defense. A promising approach to building complex systems of information protection is the use of intelligent multi-agent systems.

The application of multi-agent systems for building information security systems is conditioned by the structure of modern information systems. However, this arises the question about the interaction of agents among themselves and their decision-making about the state of security of the information system as a whole. Low speed or accuracy of making such decision can make the use of multi-agent systems of information protection inefficient. The article examines the methods of making the general decision by the agents. The conclusion is made on the need to use their combinations to reduce the probability of selecting a suboptimal strategy.

On the basis of experiments it can be concluded that each method of decision-making implies a non-optimal choice. Solution of this problem is the use of several methods of decisionmaking simultaneously, which minimizes the probability of selecting non-optimal strategies.

Key words: multi-agent system, agent, strategy, decision-making, voting.

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